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BEE Certification

  • This is the process of collecting information. As a value add EVS will appoint its own verification advisor who will be dedicated on site to assist with advisory and ensuring that the correct information is collated for each element to be rated. The verification advisor will also be backed up by frequent visits of the senior managers at EVS and will also have full telephonic support if the need arises.

  • Independent assessment of company’s ownership structure in terms of verifying the ultimate black shareholding and ascertaining if the ownership structure complies with the requirements of the Codes of Good Practice. This can be done before the new ownership structure is entered into or even if it has been done but the company wants this done for whatever reasons.

  • This exercise is done prior to the actual verification to help companies know their potential score.

  • BEE training of all personnel/Champions appointed by the company.

  • As part of EVS mission we strive to achieve high level of customer satisfaction by enforcing good client relationship management, competitiveness, meeting our client specifications, and supplying quality products.

    We hope to achieve this level of customer satisfaction by customizing our existing services to the client’s needs, going the extra mile and researching new products and services that will add value to their businesses so that they differ from their competitors.

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  • Engagement

    This step explains in detail, the comprehensive information on the verification process, the price and other related points, in order for the clients to make a well-informed decision, regarding their verification. Upon engagement, you will obtain the application pack from Express Verification Services (EVS), Client Relations Department, and be required to complete and return it with a 50% deposit and proof of payment.


    (Telephonic or onsite) - To ensure that you are properly prepared for the actual verification, a preliminary session will be arranged to help you understand the scorecard and all the information required for the audit. This can be done telephonically or onsite. It must be noted that the client’s needs dictates the route; Express Verification Services (EVS) will by all means try to meet each client’s needs accordingly.

    Onsite Verification

    Upon readiness of the client and all necessary documentation received prior to the site visit being conducted, an onsite verification visit will be scheduled and an Express Verification Services (EVS) analyst will be allocated to do the verification at the client’s premises. This process includes (among other things) sampling monetary claims, shareholders, directors and staff interviews.

    Review of report

    within 10 days after the onsite verification visit an analyst will submit the file to the review committee to assess..

    Communication of review outcome

    Within a 72 hours time frame, Express Verification Services (EVS) will communicate the review outcome to the client. This will be in a form of a formal email and the issuing of a Preliminary Report, in order to allow the client an opportunity to accept or appeal the final score upon review. Please speak to our Client Relations Department or Ratings Coordinator in order to understand the appeal process. A client has 5 working days in which to accept or appeal a Preliminary Report.

    Issuing of final report and certificate

    Once the Preliminary Report has been accepted and the remaining 50% has been paid, the final report and certificate will be issued in the form of a soft copy. The official hardcopy will be couriered to the client’s premises, simultaneously.